Faculty of Medicine Kutaisi University

The faculty aims to train competent, patient-oriented physicians who will be equipped with modern international standard-level theoretical knowledge and clinical/research skills; Doctors who will be actively involved in the lifelong learning and teaching process and will contribute to the well-being of the community.

The program is accredited by the legislation of Georgia; it complies with modern international standards and is based on World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) standards.

Kutaisi University is a member of the European Medical Education Association (AMEE). The Association is the world’s leading medical education organization with members in 90 countries which will enable the staff and the students to be more actively involved in international conferences, seminars, and activities related to the teaching of medicine.

The university has a clinical skill-enhancing center that allows students through moulages and mannequins learn and put into practice all the manipulations they will need for professional activities. The equipment at the center meets international standards and is gradually upgraded.

The university has biochemical and histological, Physiological, and Microbiological/Immunological laboratories.

Currently, is implementing the Medical Doctor (MD) Program at the Faculty of Medicine.

Qualification: Medical Doctor (MD)
Program volume in credits: 360 ECTS
The Fee of Programme: 4000 U.S Dollar
Programme Status: Accredited
Language of Instruction: English

Welcome to the Kutaisi University at Faculty of Medicine – an innovative institution where patient-driven education and cutting-edge research work to advance health care within our city, across the country, and throughout the world. Our faculty members are leaders in the field of medical and health education, working with both national health education organizations and the government to establish standardized learning techniques and develop national policies. Our ideals, partnerships, and unique opportunities enable each of us to live up to the mission of the faculty at Kutaisi University. We look forward to supporting the personal and professional growth of our medical students and faculty members. Medicine is a life of service and at times sacrifice. It is a life full of rich rewards because of the profound and direct difference we can make in people’s lives and I am pleased that you are pursuing medicine as a career. The challenges and rewards of medical school, culminating in the gratification of practicing in one’s chosen specialty and making a positive impact on society, will be one of your most life-changing experiences. Our dedicated faculty will help you acquire the knowledge and proficiency you will need. Our affiliated hospitals will offer you a variety and depth of clinical experiences that is unrivaled and will be cited by our graduates as proof of our exceptional quality as a medical school.

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kutaisi offers one of the nation’s best graduate programs. To implement the educational program and achieve the learning outcomes. provided by the program, the University has the appropriate material and technical bases, like the study auditoriums, a library with mandatory and additional book funds, electronic resources and international electronic databases, a biochemical and histological Laboratory, a 3D Anatomical Theater, simulation laboratories with mannequins provided with training components, examination center, working space for academic staff and so on.

We are constantly surveying the medical education landscape to find ways to improve and prepare our students for the myriad of complex health issues that they will one day face with their patients. Medicine needs the next generation of physicians to be people who both excel and lead in the clinical setting as innovators of new processes and technologies designed to support and enhance clinical care. While the focus of your time here is primarily academic, I also encourage you to participate fully in the extracurricular life, to devote yourself to service to the community, and to invest some of your time and energy in building the relationships that will enrich you for a lifetime.