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Frequently Asked Questions

Indians students do not face any challenges when it comes to finding decent accommodation in Georgia. Most universities offer hostel facilities to their students within the college grounds/Campus. Most of the hostels are equipped with kitchen facilities that students can use to cook food for themselves.

Most universities also allow their students to make alternative arrangements by renting or leasing spaces. Due to the high influx of international students, there are plenty of PG options too. Not to mention the rise in the number of Indian restaurants around the university areas.

Yes. In fact, some of the best MNCs are present in Georgia, and they offer internships as well as jobs to MBBS graduates.

All international students are taught in English.

The younger generations in Georgia are all well-versed in English and can interact with the foreign students effectively, without any hiccups. So, Indian students do not suffer any language barrier during their time in Georgia.


There are many beneficial sides of studying MBBS in Georgia; among the course duration is the foremost from our point of view. Universities of Georgia offer MBBS course of 5 years duration, whereas other countries have certainly longer duration like, MBBS in Russia is about 6 years, MBBS in Ukraine is about 5.8 years, MBBS in Philippines is about 5.5 Years and MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is about 6 years. The conclusion is MBBS in Russia apparently mitigating your 1 years of study and expense too and therefore Georgia is better in all the conditions than other country.

The processing time may vary in small extent, however generic time the process takes is 60 days (2 months) to process the visa, and hence approx. 2.5 months to fulfil all the formalities.

Almost 7 hours to reach the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi